Lee County, Virginia





The Lee County Board of Social Services is accepting proposals for legal services to advise the DSS Board.  Proposal should include a summary of education, experience, and proposed hourly rate.  Proposals need to be sent to Lee County Dept. of Social Services, PO Box 348, Jonesville, VA  24263 Attention: Trevor Hensley, Director.  Proposals are due by Monday, December 27, 2021 at 4:30 pm.






Brightminds, LLC is currently conducting reassessment of property in Lee County.  They are utilizing aerial drones to gather data for all properties including residential housing.  Brightminds has also mailed notices to several property owners requesting income and expense information.  If you received this for an owner-occupied structure, you may disregard the notice.  If you wish to speak to someone at Brightminds about the notice, contact the number provided.  Regardless, all property owners will have an opportunity to appeal their assessment to the Board of Equalization during the first quarter of 2022.














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